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Give Them Brie

My name is Sam and I am the owner of Give Them Brie. ​I have always loved hosting and making all the snacks. I have been building charcuterie boards for years but decided to take the leap into business in 2021.I started small with little boxes and moved up to larger items such as boards and grazing tables shortly after. There is something so satisfying about seeing work start as small simple items and turning into basically food art. ​I am 33 years old and grew up in West Kelowna BC. I have a beautiful family and a love of cats and horror movies. I am also a self proclaimed connoisseur of wine and lucky for me happen to live in beautiful wine country! ​I am truly lucky to be able to do what I love. Thank you so much for for everyones continued support as I continue to grow and learn <3​Sam

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